Play Real Flight Simulator Games

The best way to get your flying skills up and running, while still saving a lot of cash, is to play online flight simulator games. You might be able to save money by purchasing a flight simulator set or software. Some of these can be downloaded online, which will save you money. Google Earth has an online flight simulator, which you can access for free. You can use the browser to play the game. As you fly around the globe, you will be able to land and fly at over 30,000 airports. The software allows joystick control. Additionally, you can choose multiplayer mode to fly and communicate with other pilots. How can you get this software, and how can it be played?

First, you will need to find an online sim that is free and uses Google Earth. Next, install Google Earth’s plug-in. The game will start automatically after it starts. Flash Player is needed to enable the sound. If Flash Player is already installed, it’s best to do so. ทางเข้า ufabet Joystick is a better option for joystick use. You can control the simulator using the option panel at the bottom. The three yellow buttons in the top right corner are used to choose your aircraft, camera mode or location. You can control the flight sim without the joystick by simply using the keyboard/mouse. The instruction is available online.

The simulator comes with five cameras just like a real plane. You can choose from the following mode, chase mode, cockpit mode, cockpit-less or default Google Earth mode. Each mode operates differently. You can select your destination by selecting it from an option bar.

To choose where to take off, you can also use Google’s map in the option bar. You can choose from standard or aeronautical modes. You will see dots marking the runway threshold on the map. Click on any dots to display an info balloon. You will be able to select “take off from” or fly by. So, for example, you can fly via Dubai or Singapore, or choose Paris as your destination.